Depending on your health challenge, goals, and interests, you may already know some of the testing that we use. In that case, you can schedule the test so that the results will be available to review during your initial consultation & evaluation.

Assessment of the Microvascular System with GlycoCheck:

GlycoCheck is the only device that is able to see and assess the microvascular system using a specially designed and patented camera that is placed under the tongue. It images the tiny blood vessels and runs approximately one million calculations to provide your Microvascular Health Score.

The microvasculature system is the ONLY place where nutrient exchange and waste removal take place. So a compromised microvascular system causes restricted blood flow to the trillions of cells that make up the body. This ultimately is the root cause of most, if not all, chronic disease processes.


Assessment of your ‘Epigenetic’ Stress: Epigenetics is the expression of your unique genetics based upon how you interact with your environment.

Cell WellBeing is an amazing tool

that uses the latest Quantum Energetic technology using a live tissue sample (hair root bulbs) to assess how your specific genetics is interacting with your specific environment. This helps to identify which stressors (from microbes to toxins to EMF to nutritional imbalances) are negatively impacting your body and what organ systems are most impacted. This helps to develop a plan to reduce those stressors and
restore health.