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Age Reversal
Technology Center
Aging is Natural, so
is the Drive & Desire
to RESIST it!
It's Not ONE Thing,
Health is Everything
Without Your Health, You Are Extremely Limited In Your Ability
to Help & Interact With Others AND The Environment.

How do YOU plan to Rage Against the Dying of The Light?

Anti-Aging Mission

ART-C offers a synthesis of the most Effective & Innovative Health Enhancement Strategies, Therapies, Products, Programs & Coaching under one roof. All designed to help you achieve your Health, Performance & Appearance Goals.
"Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
From the poem by Dylan Thomas

Testing & Assessment

The journey to achieving your health goals begins with knowing where you are. Appropriate testing and assessment are a vital starting point to begin with. Unfortunately, the ‘standard’ tests done by most doctors are geared toward identifying gross pathology and established disease processes rather than assessing optimum function and minor variations from that. We will provide much more sensitive tests that assess cellular and metabolic health from a much subtler and more sensitive perspective. Examples include the use of Nutritional Microscopy / Live Blood Analysis, Cell Wellbeing (a quantum energetic methodology that examines live tissue samples), telomere length testing, the Horvath Clock testing of biological age, Mitochondrial health assessment, and additional functional tests.

Consultations, Advice, Programs & Coaching

The next step of any successful journey is to know where you want to go, to know your destination. Our staff, including Progressive Physicians and trained Nutrition Ninja Health Coaches, will help to review, explain, and interpret your results in relation to your stated health challenges and goals. Based on your starting point and desired destination, they will assist you in setting realistic goals including a timeline. They, along with the Nutrition Ninja Doc, will then develop and present some program options that will be converted into a plan of action based on your preferences. The plan of action will be designed to correct the imbalances identified and guide you along the path to achieve your health, performance, and appearance goals.


While many consider nutrition to be important, they fail to realize just how crucial it is or to properly implement the right long term, sustainable eating strategies and habits. A sound eating system HAS TO BE the foundation upon which everything else is built. It isn’t about ‘supplements’ although they have their place, it’s about lifestyle and choices. Our products and programs focus on sound, superior nutritional strategies vs temporary, fad diets. Proper nutrition accounts for approximately 70+% of our health and genetic expression.


We are meant to MOVE not sit at desks and on couches. Modern life ‘is what it is,’ full of creature comforts with no need to run from predators, forage, grown, harvest, chase, hunt, or kill for our food. We MUST compensate for the relative lack of movement and physical exertion that our ‘modern’ technology and lifestyles have provided. In spite of no longer having to spend a significant portion of our day finding and acquiring food, our time tends to fill up with other things leaving precious little for proper exercise. We teach & supervise people in doing several very effective, innovative physical exercise. A few examples include: The ROM time machine; EWOT exercise (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy), Maximum Static Contraction training, and Vibration plate training.

Environmental Health

We have more environmental stressors than ever before. Polluted Air & Water; Toxins in our food supply; Excessive, Toxic Electro-Magnetic Radiation; and Aberrant Light (too much artificial, imbalanced light and too little full-spectrum natural light) are all examples of some of the VERY SIGNIFICANT environmental stressors that plague modern humans. We have strategies and products to help compensate for each of them.

Specific Therapies

Under the umbrella of our therapeutic department called ARTC for Age Reversal Technology Center, we have pulled together some of the most innovative and effective health restoration techniques on the planet.

Musculoskeletal repair and rejuvenation should be the foundation of any legitimate Age-Reversal/Anti-Aging approach. If it isn’t then the program is seriously flawed.

Some of these Services include:

Some Additional Programs include:

Chronic Disease statistics

Chronic diseases are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses or conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, and diabetes.
Most often they are preventable, and manageable through early detection, improved diet, exercise, and treatment therapy.

0 %
of U.S. adults are Obese
1 %
Have Diabetes
10 %
have Chronic Diseases
0 M
NO Health Insurance

Health and Chronic Disease Trends Since 2000

Health in Threes

We Are Committed to Helping Combat Ignorance About Health (and Disease).

Remember, Ignorance is simply a lack of accurate knowledge about a given topic.

What to Eat

We are what we eat. Learn how food and your gut play such a critical symbiotic role in your health and even the formation of DNA.

Exercise's Role

The importance of consistent, regularly scheduled exercise activity cannot be over emphasized. Discover fun ways to stay active.


Consuming healthy, organic, quality foods is challenging. Adding the right supplements to your busy lives can fill that gap.