Age Reversal Technology Center

Age Reversal Technology Center is a completely new and different type of ‘health promotion’ facility, it is a prototype for a new Healthcare model (rather than a medical disease care model) that focuses on restoring and building health rather than just fighting disease.

We offer a few ‘medical’ services to the public; however, our primary services are only for our ‘private’ members, they are not ‘medical’ at all, they are REGENERATIVE and RESTORATIVE. Those things do not fit the ‘medical industrial complex model’ that rules the current health services arena.

Our goal & mission

is to assist our patients/members to overcome their health challenges and achieve their health, performance, and appearance goals. Health is about balance. Healthcare is, or should be, about ‘building health,’ unfortunately, the medical education system focuses on disease, there is no training about optimizing health.

our Approach, Services , and Programs.

Our tools are diverse, safe, and effective (unlike some other things that have been billed as safe and effective over the past few years). Doc Max has been using Nutrition, IV Nutrients, Physical Manipulation, Energy, Light Therapy, and Regenerative Injection Therapies for over 30 years.

In the area of Regenerative Injection Therapies, Doc Max has done more procedures than 99% of the doctors out there since it was his #1 specialty from the start. He experienced numerous musculoskeletal injuries as a young, naïve athlete who thought he was indestructible. He soon learned that was NOT true after sustaining injuries in multiple sports, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and just plain doing dumb things like lifting small cars. He suffered from chronic neck, mid-back, lower back, shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle injuries including multiple muscle tears. His search to get out of pain and restore function played a huge role in his long-term focus on non-surgical orthopedics. He brought Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy) to the Sarasota area in the late 1990s.

Dr Max

ARTC is the brainchild and creation of

Dr. Maximus MacCloud

D.O., N.D., PhD, OMMF

Doc Max began studying health, nutrition, and fitness in 1969. After college, he went on to train first as a Naturopathic Physician and earned his Doctorate in Nutrition & Holistic Health, and then after almost 15 years of practice went back to school to earn his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree with a Fellowship in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

Doc Max no longer practices as either a Naturopathic or Osteopathic Physician although he draws extensively from his training in those areas. He has spent a lifetime studying health, fitness, nutrition, and a wide range of functional and alternative health approaches that were not covered in his formal education. For those reasons, he chooses not to be limited by the dogma of any specific discipline or governing body. He now functions as a Health Educator and Coach to completely change the relationship between himself and those he coaches to one that is more empowering than the standard doctor patient model. He strongly believes that people must take responsibility for their own health and not rely on doctors or anyone else to make their health decisions. Over the course of his 50+ years of study and 40+ years of clinical practice, he’s learned a lot and realizes how much more there is to learn about optimizing health, performance, and longevity. His passion is helping people and ARTC is his latest version of an effective model to do just that.


Over the course of his 50+ years of study and 40+ years of clinical practice, he’s learned a lot and realizes how much more there is to learn about optimizing health, performance, and longevity. His passion is helping people and ARTC is his latest version of an effective model to do just that.

‘Doc Max’ has put together the top modalities and technologies that he has found and studied to bring you this one-of-a-kind health enhancement experience. It all begins with reaching out to us to set up either an in-person or telephone interview & consultation to see if our approach might be right for you, and if you are a good match for us. We are here to stimulate and support your body’s innate healing response using a combination of well-documented modalities via what we call The Wolverine Healing Protocol.


Dr Hodge

Dr. Arthur Hodge, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Arthur Hodge, MD, has over 5 decades of clinical experience and is still learning new things in his 80s! We love Dr. Hodge; he is a true classic. Inquisitive, compassionate, wise, and easy going. He makes patients feel comfortable and assured that they are in good hands. They broke the mold when they made him. He has a fascinating background and was involved in hospital work, laboratory, and patient care beginning in high school.

Dr. Hodge serves as ARTC’s Medical Director; he oversees all services that fall under the ‘Medical and Public’ domains. That includes our major programs of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy), and MMJ certifications (medical marijuana cards).

These services fall under the ‘Public and Medical’ domains since they require diagnoses and prescriptions. Most men and women over 40 can benefit from TRT or BHRT to help restore more youthful hormone levels. We also have additional natural methods that can be used as well. We offer MMJ certifications because Medical Marijuana is the safest and one of the most effective substances for a variety of symptoms and health challenges. Of course, it is an herb that has been used for thousands of years, however, it has been classified as a drug to fit the current ‘medical industrial model,’ in spite of still being banned by the federal government. Just one more example of why we primarily operate in the private sector.

More about Dr. Hodge: He was born and grew up in Wilksbarre, Pennsylvania. He was a high school athlete who participated in both wrestling and track. He competed in the Penn Relays which is a very prestigious annual track competition. Dr. H, later got into powerlifting when the sport was just getting started. That led to him working with a number of powerlifters and other athletes over the years.

From the age of 16 through 25 years old he worked at the local hospital. Due to the quality of his work, they trained him to do everything from doing blood gases, to spinal taps, and assisting in surgery! Times were different then. During this time, he attended and graduated from Wilks College in addition to obtaining a lab technician degree. Upon entering the Army, he served as a Lab Tech at Fort Hood, Texas where he advanced to the rank of Captain.

When he completed his military service, he applied to medical school but was told that he was too old at 29 years of age. Again, times were different back then. Undeterred, he went to the University of Guadalajara Medical School in Mexico and then performed his Residency training at Polyclinic Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He went on to practice Family Medicine for 25 years in Williamstown, Pennsylvania.

When visiting the Sarasota area in 1989 he had the good fortune of visiting Siesta Key beach. That started him on a process to escape from Pennsylvania with his wife and they moved to the Sarasota area in 2006.

Also of interest, Dr. Hodge began powerlifting way back in 1966 when the sport was just getting started. Over the years he had numerous athletes and powerlifters as patients, and one was a National Powerlifting Champion. While attending a national competition one year, when the other competitors learned that he was a doctor, he we besieged with questions about anabolic medications, and that began his studies on anabolic hormones and TRT way back around 1980.

Since then, Dr. Hodge has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people with advice and supervision regarding properly supporting their hormone levels to attain and maintain a healthier balance.

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