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These days more doctors acknowledge that nutrition really is important, after decades of denial. Many of these doctors, online gurus, and influencers have ZERO formal training in nutrition. Medical schools do not teach nutrition, so whatever they or one of the other gurus or influencers are spouting has been acquired via self-study. I’m a huge fan of self-study and have learned many things that way. I was self-taught in nutrition for the first 10+ years that I studied it. Then I went to Naturopathic training (5 years), earned my PhD in Nutrition (4 years), and spent an additional 5+ years studying Osteopathic Medicine where nutrition courses were part of the curriculum. I learned more and more with each new experience and exposure to different perspectives. I also learned to appreciate the often distorted and narrow-minded perspectives of some of the top nutritional authorities and writers of their eras.


My approach to nutrition has continued to evolve and I’m now quite clear about how much I, and scientists know collectively, as well as how much we still don’t know. Every couple of years, some seemingly new breakthroughs come along that indicate that much of what we believed before may have been wrong! This is why I no longer espouse a single approach to optimum nutrition.

There are definitely some key, foundational principles and rules to build on, but ultimately, we must each determine what works best for ourselves. My goal and role are to help guide you based on over 50 years of studying the field and 45 years of consulting with and guiding patients.

See the ARTC Healthy Eating Reset for more information on my overall dietary philosophy and recommendations. [click here]

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See the ARTC IV Nutritional Support information to learn about some of the more aggressive ways to support your body nutritionally during times of greater stress. [click here]


ARTC Healthy Eating Reset

Our bodies rely on our diet for the hundreds of vital substances contained in ‘Real Food.’ Of course, not everyone eats enough real food. Far too many people try to live and function on ‘Fake Food,’ aka highly processed, junk food.

For the most part, modern medicine has ignored that basic problem since few doctors know anything about nutrition. They assume that a person is getting adequate nutrition because they appear well fed and well nourished based on a cursory look at them.

This could not be further from the truth. Most people are overfed AND undernourished. Our soil has been depleted of vital nutrients, minerals in particular. That means that the plants that grow in them can’t produce the nutrients that they should contain. Farmers have used synthetic fertilizers for many decades that only put back 3 things that plants need to grow but leave out the other dozen or more things that should also be there.

If it isn’t in the soil, it won’t be in the harvested plant. That continues on to the animals the plants are fed to; reduced nutrients in the soil mean reduced nutrients in the food; reduced nutrients in the food mean reduced nutrients in the animals (including humans) that consume the food.

This isn’t rocket science although the big food companies do a great job of hiding and denying these basic facts. They throw a handful of synthetic vitamins & minerals in many foods to ‘fortify’ them but that simply is NOT the same thing as what the plant would produce if it had healthy soil to begin with.

Now more than ever we have to pay proper attention to the quality of foods that we eat and put into our bodies. Our health, quality of life, longevity, and ‘healthspan’ all depend on it.

There may not be an ideal, optimum diet for everyone as we are each unique, however, there are some major, universal principles of healthy eating.


Foundation Nutritional Support:

We are all different, however, we all need a few dozen foundation nutrients for optimum health, performance, longevity, energy, and vitality.

The Foundation Nutritional Support Program is something developed by Dr. Max over a period of several decades focused on the in-depth study of health & nutrition. It is presented as a ‘foundation,’ not the be all and end all. There are several other things that can be added that will provide benefits or help someone with specific health challenges or goals, however, those should be added once there is a solid foundation.

This program is ever evolving. It is also customized to the individual when engaged in a health & nutritional coaching program with Dr. Max.

IV Nutritional Support:

Many people with various health challenges or specific health goals may benefit from more aggressive nutritional or detoxification support that is best provided either IV or IM (intravenous or intramuscular injection).

There are a number of reasons for this but the main thing is that it bypasses the GI tract and can provide significantly higher concentrations of various substances in the bloodstream. This allows for a variety of effects that are somewhat ‘supraphysiologic.’ By that, we mean that it can ramp up various physiological processes beyond what can be achieved via the oral delivery route.

As with most things, there is an art and science to using IV & IM nutrients. Most IV suites today are all using similar formulations provided by compounding pharmacies which are formulated by pharmacists. Pharmacists, like physicians, have little or NO training in nutrition, they look at nutrients like drugs. Very few really understand and appreciate the importance of nutrients working as a team to support thousands of enzymatic reactions versus using a few nutrients like drugs.

Our formulations were designed by Dr. Max who has over 40 years of experience in clinical nutrition.