The Wolverine healing protocol

Most people have heard of the X-Men Mutant known as Wolverine. One of his amazing powers is the ability to heal from virtually any amount of damage at an incredibly fast rate. We may not be able to attain the speed and completeness of the healing capacity of this fictional character, but we can dramatically speed up and enhance our natural healing abilities. That is exactly what The Wolverine Healing Protocol is designed to do.

The Wolverine Healing Protocol was developed by Dr. MacCloud over the course of 45+ years of clinical practice and 50+ years of studying health, nutrition, fitness, alternative, and progressive medicine. It can be applied to virtually any health condition or situation, although it was first developed to address musculoskeletal injuries and chronic joint pain.

Musculoskeletal injuries and pain have been the foundation of Dr. MacCloud’s practice for decades as he realized that if you didn’t get people out of pain and able to move and exercise, none of the other interventions would work well.

First, we will provide an overview of the Wolverine Healing Protocol as applied to musculoskeletal injuries and chronic joint pain and degeneration. After that there will be a more general discussion with examples of how this protocol would be applied to enhance overall health and wellbeing.


Musculoskeletal application of the Wolverine Healing Protocol:

The Wolverine Healing Protocol

– Nutra & Microcirculation Enhanced Regenerative Therapy

1. Reduce pain & swelling with a combination of supportive, non-invasive therapies.

2. Realign the joint as needed with appropriate, gentle joint realignment techniques.

3. Rebalance the muscles with The Instant Muscle Rebalancing Technique, Trigenics Tx & Whole-Body Vibration when appropriate & tolerated

4. Open Joint Space & enhance fluid exchange (needed to nourish the areas of the joint that do not have good blood supply)

5. Break up Scar tissue, calcium deposits, Neuromuscular trigger points & trigger bands

6. Boost Microcirculation to all the damaged structures

7. Nutra-Enhanced regimen; essential for proper healing

8. Support of the 4Ms as indicated and needed:

Additional microcirculation support via EWOT and Endocalyx PRO.

Additional mitochondrial support via appropriate nutritional & exercise therapies.

Add metabolism support if a person is unable to properly mobilize an anabolic/regenerative response (thyroid, testosterone, growth factors with appropriate hormones &/or peptides)

Add muscle to the damaged joint complex (and the body as a whole) to provide a greater metabolic reserve.

9. Add Regenerative Injection Therapy when needed & financially feasible.

Basic RIT / Prolotherapy using dextrose & lidocaine (although it may contain vit B12 and a couple of other things);

Enhanced RIT with hGH, Beyond PRP (PRP upgrade/replacement), Stem Cells.


Systemic or Whole-Body application of the Wolverine Healing Protocol:


The Wolverine Healing Protocol –

Nutra & Microcirculation Enhanced Regenerative Therapy

1. Reduce pain & inflammation with a combination of:

a. Implement an Elimination & Detoxification / Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

b. Utilize oral and IV Detoxification protocols as needed based on suspected toxins.

c. Utilize Oral and IV Nutritional support.

2. Insure Optimum Nutritional intake & digestion.

a. Your body needs ALL of the essential nutrients consistently to both heal and maintain itself. Most people are chronically malnourished yet overfed.

b. Implement a sound, healthy, sustainable eating system for long-term health, well-being, and longevity. We utilize the ARTC Healthy Eating Reset.

c. Virtually everyone needs and will benefit from a solid Foundational Nutrition Support program that includes optimum levels of all vital nutrients.

d. Many also require more specific digestive & GI support.

3. Restore sound body Structure and Mechanics.

a. A sound body structure is vital for proper function and body mechanics. Chronic misalignments are almost always due to ligament damage and joint instability. Therefore, it is important to correct any chronic structural imbalances to support the body in regaining overall health, as well as optimizing performance and longevity.

b. A sound regimen of regular exercise is vital to maintaining proper body structure and function. This should consist of a combination of cardiovascular, flexibility, balance, and resistance training.

4. Restore proper Microcirculation throughout the body.

a. EWOT, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, is perhaps the most important exercise that a person can do. It opens and resets the microcirculation. Once done it can be maintained with brief, periodic refresher sessions.

b. Restoration of the glycocalyx with specific nutritional support combined with a healthy lifestyle.

5. Restore proper Mitochondrial function!

a. There is a lot to this including all the above plus additional, specific nutritional support, HIIT and Sprint training, hormonal balancing, peptides, and possibly Stem cells.

6. Restore Metabolic Balance.

a. Metabolism is the balance of catabolic and anabolic activity regulated by a symphony of hormones, peptides, neurotransmitters, and other signaling molecules. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation for this.

b. Additional metabolic support can, and should be, provided as needed. We are not sophisticated enough to be able to micromanage it, but we can support it and tweak things here and there. Examples include providing adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormone support.

7. Add Muscle and lose excess Fat.

a. The primary way to add muscle is with proper nutrition, resistance exercise, and making sure your body is able to produce an anabolic response.

b. Losing excess body fat is often more complex than it might seem as the body likes to have some as an energy reserve. In addition to the tried-and-true methods of balancing caloric intake with expenditure, there are additional strategies that can be implemented when needed.

8. Build Metabolic Reserves (Lean Body Mass).

a. All of the other components listed will gradually help to build up greater muscle mass and healthy organ mass. After all, muscle is itself an organ.

9. Add Regenerative Therapy when needed & financially feasible.

a. Regenerative Joint Injection therapy works wonders for localized problems.

b. When the problem is more systemic or global, the use of IV Stem Cells to help restore & regenerate whatever tissues are in need can work amazingly well.

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