Make no mistake about it, STEM CELLS are the future of Health Care, and they are available NOW.

Notice we didn’t say the future of ‘Medicine’ although that could & should be true as well. The ‘Medical’ field, or more appropriately called the ‘Medical Industrial Complex’ is not really about health, it is about long-term disease management and an economic model controlled by Big Pharma & the equally Massive Medical Device Manufacturers. This isn’t another wacky conspiracy theory; it is based on documented facts. The control exerted by the Medical Industrial Complex constitutes an unethical, if not outright illegal, monopoly on the entire health care, or more appropriately, disease care industry.

There have been over 74,000 studies published on the benefits and safety of stem cell therapies and they have been used successfully in modern medicine for over 65 years. So, why are they still so controversial? Do you think it is an accident or an oversight? No, it is by design since it is extremely disruptive technology to the Medical Industrial Complex.

Big Pharma & Medical Device Manufacturers have not been able to figure out an angle to control & profit from Stem Cells, so they have been doing everything in their power to contain and hold this technology back.

Eventually, stem cell therapies will become the new ‘standard of care,’ but that could take decades, in the meantime it is an elective, out of pocket procedure and expense, like most dental and cosmetic procedures. 

The big question is whether you want to, and can afford to, wait another 10-20 years until it is covered by Medicare and the major ‘health’ insurance providers?

Most people with severe chronic pain, joint degeneration, and a variety of chronic, degenerative conditions simply don’t have 10-20 years to wait it out. The powers that be, do a marvelous job of sowing doubt and confusion in spite of overwhelming evidence demonstrating safety and effectiveness far beyond the ‘other things’ that have been touted as safe & effective (hopefully you get our drift).

What You Need to Know About Stem Cells

Stems really don’t exist in adults, rather, they exist in a somewhat dormant state as ‘pericytes’ that are all over the place, primarily on the outside of blood vessels. When there is an injury, these cells become activated and transform into stem cells. Once activated, their first function is to surveil the local area and determine what is needed to repair the damage. They are basically responsible for all repairs beyond normal maintenance.


When you sustain an injury, a cut for example, the pericytes in that immediate area become activated stem cells that evaluate the damage and begin the repair process to fix it. They do this in several ways; first they surveil & assess the damage and what it will take to fix things. From there, they begin sending out messages or signals to various cells in the area, thereby telling them what raw materials to make to help repair the damage. They modulate pain, inflammation, and regeneration both quickly AND persistently. A certain percentage of them may become whatever type of cell is needed to make up and repair the tissue, structure, or organ that was damaged (although the jury is still out on this). Another percentage of them are engulfed by the immune system (monocytes in particular) and presented to CD4 cells which are then transformed into T-Regs (T regulatory cells). T-Regs will continue to direct repair processes, activate other stem cells, and regulate pain & inflammation for another 18+ months.

Harvesting and applying additional Stem Cells from other tissues simply helps to boost this process. The next consideration is where to get those additional stem cells from. Most doctors that have been doing stem cells for a while use bone marrow, although they do not appear to be the best ones to use. So, why do they use them and defend their use? It’s just human nature. People become stuck on whatever they have grown accustomed to, especially when they’ve invested time, energy, and money learning to do something a certain way.

Over the past few years, a much better source of stem cells has become available, however, the FDA doesn’t like them to be called stem cells. They prefer the term ‘Biological’ solutions or Human Cellular Tissue Products. They go so far as to censor and penalize facilities that advertise stem cell procedures that do not use bone marrow derived tissue. The problem is that the people in need of stem cell procedures tend to be older, typically 60s and up. That means that their stem cells (pericytes) are 60 plus years old! There is also a chance that these bone marrow derived cells can form tumors whereas umbilical derived stem cells cannot.

There is a much better alternative, biological solutions from Umbilical Cords! There is gel like component called Wharton’s Jelly that is an extremely rich source of a host of concentrated ‘stems,’ growth factors, collagens, signaling molecules, exosomes, and nutrients. This appears to be a MUCH better source, based on quite a bit of research, than extracting and processing bone marrow.

There’s a lot more to the stem cell story than this and Dr. MacCloud has written a book aboutstem cell therapy near me called ‘Stem Cells the ARTC Way.’ The ‘public’ version is available as a free eBook by clicking on the link provided. For the full ‘private’ version you must become a member of our Private Membership Association that allows for true freedom of speech and the sharing of more detailed information. Make no mistake about it, censorship, especially with regard to health topics, is alive and well in 21st Century America.

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