Testimonials / Success Stories:

Stem cells have been used successfully in ‘Modern, Conventional Medicine’ for over 65 years. Never heard of this? It went by a different name, ‘Bone Marrow Transplants.’

There are over 74,000 published studies demonstrating the very real, positive effects of stem cells, although their widespread clinical use has lagged behind for both political and financial reasons. The political factors seriously delayed our nation’s progress allowing many other nations to get ahead of us. The financial factors (not being controlled by Big Pharma and disruptive to both them and the Medical Device industry) continues to hold us back since Medicare and the so-called ‘health’ insurance industry will not pay for it.

For these reasons and several others, most doctors do not know very much about Stem Cell science and the many ways that Stem Cells and related Human Cell & Tissue Products can be used to help people to heal and regenerate. Stem Cell procedures are not considered to be part of the current ‘standard of care.’ That’s because they far exceed the conventional standard of care. As mentioned, they are not covered by third-party payors. Sadly, many people refuse to pay for anything that isn’t covered by their absurdly expensive and restrictive insurance plans. This closed-minded, stubbornness means that many people are missing out on a therapy that can provide tremendous benefits to them.

Very simply, Stem cells do not fit the current medical economic model; Big Pharma can’t control them and profit from them; They are an extremely disruptive technology to both Big Pharma and the Medical Device industry. That means that it could be another decade or three before they are embraced by the larger medical community. Very few people understand that modern medicine is much more about supporting a business model, fed by long-term chronic disease management than it is about helping people to actually heal or prevent disease.

The stories and testimonials that follow are of people who chose to take action and be proactive rather than wait for this process to play out. It is about people, just like you, who did some research and took a chance by paying out of pocket to help themselves heal & regenerate.

This is just a small sampling of patients that have received tremendous benefits from thinking and acting outside of the box. These are people who ‘took the bull by the horns’ and in many cases went against the conservative, fear-mongering medical advice of their regular physicians.

To provide a good overview, we included several of our own patient’s stories and have collected additional stories & testimonials from multiple sources around the country. They come primarily from other facilities that are also doing stem cell procedures. That’s the only place to get this kind of data at present as there are no publicly curated places for such information.

By taking examples from a wide range of practices, we hope to convey that the overall procedure is generally VERY effective and safe. And, while we believe that we have one of, if not the best overall protocol and approach, many other doctors and facilities are getting ex-excellent results as well.