The Age Reversal Technology Center (ARTC) is a prototype for
a new ‘Health Promotion’ Healthcare model as opposed to
the Disease Care Healthcare system we presently have.


Of course, we help people to overcome a wide array of health challenges (so-called disease processes), but we do this by focusing on and building HEALTH as opposed to ‘fighting’ a disease.

If you really investigate the underlying principles, philosophy, and approach that so-called ‘Modern Medicine’ is built on, you quickly realize that it was built on a very weak & SHAKY foundation.

Modern conventional medicine is a mish mash of toxic medications and risky procedures strewn together making it look like a system because there is a ‘standard of care’ that has been dictated by a good old boys’ network of ‘Medical Deities’ (MDs) who are funded and controlled by the Medical Industrial Complex (Big Pharma and the Medical device industry).

By stepping outside of those limiting ‘boxes and theories,’ progressive practitioners are able to see the forest through the trees and treat the whole patient with the best possible approaches. That is exactly what we do at ARTC.

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