The Age Reversal Technology Center (ARTC) is a prototype for
a new ‘Health Promotion’ Healthcare model as opposed to
the Disease Care Healthcare system we presently have.


Of course, we help people to overcome a wide array of health challenges (so-called disease processes), but we do this by focusing on and building HEALTH as opposed to ‘fighting’ a disease.

If you really investigate the underlying principles, philosophy, and approach that so-called ‘Modern Medicine’ is built on, you quickly realize that it was built on a very weak & SHAKY foundation.

Modern conventional medicine is a mish mash of toxic medications and risky procedures strewn together making it look like a system because there is a ‘standard of care’ that has been dictated by a good old boys’ network of ‘Medical Deities’ (MDs) who are funded and controlled by the Medical Industrial Complex (Big Pharma and the Medical device industry).

By stepping outside of those limiting ‘boxes and theories,’ progressive practitioners are able to see the forest through the trees and treat the whole patient with the best possible approaches. That is exactly what we do at ARTC.

The basic principles are the Germ Theory, the Disease Entity Theory, and the belief that there is a Specific Remedy or ‘accepted’ treatment for each Disease. The Germ Theory does, of course, have some merit, however, it is far from gospel or absolute. All diseases are not the result of germs (microbes). Everyone that encounters a given germ does not come down with the disease it is associated with. The Disease Entity theory basically states that a ‘disease’ is essentially an ‘entity’ that one develops or contracts. Once someone ‘gets’ that disease, it has a life of its own, and it will progress in a specific, predictable fashion. The key to proper treatment is to first name the disease entity and that will tell what ‘Remedy’ to use (similar to demonology). I could write a book on all of the reasons, like logic and science, why this is complete nonsense.

A ‘disease,’ although there may be a variety of pathological processes involved, is NOT a REAL thing. It is simply a nomenclature system based on a variety of signs and symptoms that are fairly common, variable, and changeable. 

To reiterate, a disease is not a real thing, it does not exist as a thing independent of the host. You don’t catch diseases like diabetes or cancer or COPD, all of them are the result of, in most cases, many years of NOT living in harmony with the environment and listening to our bodies.

The germ theory was, and is, just a theory. There’s certainly some truth to the idea that microbes can overgrow and cause a variety of serious health challenges under the right conditions. There are even some really nasty microbes that will kill a high percentage of individuals that encounter them. However, only a small percentage of death and disease are a direct result of microbes. Over 85% of all health challenges these days are chronic conditions that result from poor lifestyle choices.

Even Louis Pasteur, the father of germ theory realized that he was wrong about it. His famous death bed quote was ’the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything’ should have dissuaded his followers from adhering so strictly to his earlier theory.

Finally, the idea that the present ‘standard of care’ must, or should be, adhered to in spite of new findings, sound clinical judgment and expertise, and common sense is absurd. Just because an extremely biased consensus exists is no reason to ignore logic, reason, and conflicting clinical & scientific evidence. To do so is simply NOT sound science nor the best approach to patient care.

The combination of our focus on building health, looking at all of the evidence, thinking outside of the box of ‘the standard of care,’ and choosing the optimum strategy for each patient, are the things that make ARTC unique.

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