Although no one can 100% predict the future, we can make some well-informed, educated guesses. We can all say, with absolute confidence, that things will change and improve over the next several decades. Past experience pretty much guarantees that, although there are also numerous factors that can get in the way.
The biggest obstacle to progress is human nature. People, including doctors and scientists, become ‘set in their ways.’ They become biased and locked into a certain way of thinking based on their training and conditioning.
There is a well-documented, deep-seated psychological phenomenon called ‘escalation of commitment.’ It basically states that once a person makes a decision about something, especially if they make that decision known publicly, they will both consciously and subconsciously defend that decision and pronouncement in spite of significant evidence to the contrary. They will not be able to even see or recognize the conflicting information due to perceptual bias.
Sadly, this, together with the very strong peer pressure and economic incentives associated with maintaining the status quo, makes it very difficult for individual physicians with open minds to go against the current ‘standards of care.’
These factors are the primary things holding society back from being able to tap into and access the ‘Health’ care or Medicines of the Future.
Clearly, it is obvious that things like proper nutrition, exercise, light, sound, energy, peptides, hormones, and stem cells are the ‘Medicines of the Future. They are the ‘Health’ care of the future AND they are available NOW. We just need to take off the blinders, open our eyes, and use those remarkable tools that already have huge amounts of scientific data to support them.
Stem cells, when properly utilized, are one of the absolute TOP medicines of the future and they are here and available NOW. They have been used successfully in ‘modern medicine’ for 65 years. There are over 74,000 published studies showing their benefits and safety. What are we waiting for?

Ninety nine percent of practicing physicians simply don’t know much about stem cells due to the negative propaganda supported and disseminated by the Medical Industrial Complex (Big Pharma & the Medical device manufacturing industry). Stem cells are extremely disruptive to their business models. The Medical Industrial Complex controls the FDA and numerous other agencies. They control the research funds, the medical journals, the continuing educational conferences, and therefore, what most doctors see and hear.

The point is that you don’t have to wait for the future, these things are here and available NOW at the Age Reversal Technology Center!

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