Age Reversal Technology Center

Age Reversal Technology Center is a completely new and different type of ‘health promotion’ facility, it is a prototype for a new Healthcare model (rather than a medical disease care model) that focuses on restoring and building health rather than just fighting disease.

We offer a few ‘medical’ services to the public; however, our primary services are only for our ‘private’ members, they are not ‘medical’ at all, they are REGENERATIVE and RESTORATIVE. Those things do not fit the ‘medical industrial complex model’ that rules the current health services arena.

treating sciaticakneesshoulders

Without Surgery!

Treating Sciatica Without Surgery

It’s Finally Here.

For those with radiating pain that shoots from the back, through the glutes and down the leg.

Living with sciatica

Treating Knee Pain Without Surgery

A Knee ‘Replacement’ Without Surgery?

It’s not just on the Horizon, It’s HERE.

Living with Knee Pain?

Shoulder Repair Without Surgery?

Yes, this works wonders for Shoulders As Well!

For those with Shoulder pain, Rotator Cuff injury, frozen shoulder or impingement, popping & other injuries.

Shoulder Repair Without Surgery?

The Wolverine Healing Protocol™

This new treatment is having a profound healing effect on people with sciatica without drugs, surgery, or risky medications. The Wolverine Healing Protocol™ is an exclusive treatment developed by Dr. MacCloud, and it uses Nutra & Microcirculation Enhanced Regenerative Therapy.

One recent study published on PubMed by the National Institute of Health (NIH), which studied 384 patients suffering from pain, found that treatments in the Wolverine Healing Protocol™ reduced pain, improved functionality, and quality of life by 40% more than those treated without.

How does this new therapy work?

Traditional sciatica treatments use a “wait-and-see” approach that treats the symptoms (not the problem), which results in just masking the pain temporarily.

Within a few weeks or months, the pain returns and for many people the pain may get worse. This cycle results in wasted time and money, disappointment, and frustration.

In comparison, the Wolverine Healing Protocol™ focuses on treating the real problem by using multiple modalities including focused, regenerative therapy using stem cells, to unleash the full healing potential of your body.

Does it actually work?

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that just one of the treatments featured in the Wolverine Healing Protocol™ promotes the healing of sciatic nerve injury and aids in nerve regeneration. The result is long-term relief and healing so you can get back to living life without any interference or limitations from sciatica.

Many people receiving treatment say they feel years younger and much more mobile, with 96% recommending it to their family and friends.

We know showing is better than telling and we’d like you to experience just how powerful the Wolverine Healing Protocol™ really is.

Limited Offer

Register to qualify for our Wolverine Healing Protocol™, a comprehensive consultation, examination and trial treatment for:

$249 $49 (Over $349 Value)

Ask about our Zero-Cost option to attend a FREE Wolverine Healing Protocol seminar.
This offer is meant to help people take the first step toward ending sciatic pain. The cost is discounted on a limited basis to provide a safe opportunity to get the answers you need. Too many people put off seeking care which leads to further disability and degeneration. Too many people rely on conventional approaches that do not offer real solutions. Many doctors offer temporary injection therapies that often speed degeneration only to advise that the person have surgery. Others rely on ongoing adjustment of the lumbosacral joints without realizing that this exacerbates the ligament damage. We just think that both approaches are WRONG. Offering this discounted consultation, examination, and treatment is our way of helping to provide those suffering with a real option and opportunity to end their pain.

5 Reasons This Will Be The Most Important Doctor Appointment You've Had for Your Joint or Back Pain:

This is a great chance to get real answers and see if the Wolverine Healing Protocol™ will work for your Shoulder, Knee, Joint or Sciatica pain.

our approach

Because drugs and therapy may not always work, we approach your joint or sciatica pain with care and make sure our Wolverine Healing Protocol™ is a fit before any recommendations are made.

What People Are Saying About the Wolverine Healing Protocol™

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Joint or Sciatica Pain Reduction
Lumbosacral Restoration & Regeneration Program

We utilize a combination of therapeutic interventions to stimulate and support damaged Lumbosacral and or Joint regions that are the source of Sciatica, Ligament, and or Tendon pain to heal and regenerate connective tissues. There are several components that are best explained during a consultation and exam so we can better determine which components are vital to assist you in healing.

The foundation of all our Regenerative Programs incorporates what we call:

Click the link above to open a new tab and read the full documentation on this program. 

When dealing with Sciatica pain & related injuries the primary damage is typically to various ligament structures of the lumbar &/or sacroiliac joints, various tendon attachments, and the muscles that the sciatic nerve pass through. That’s why a proper examination is so important. The damaged tissues must be identified to properly treat them. There are numerous places that the sciatic nerve can be irritated or impinged, not just by damaged lumbar discs. Most doctors (Orthopedic Surgeons & Chiropractors) focus exclusively on the lumbar spine and the discs as the source of sciatica. Several ligaments and neuromuscular trigger points can create virtually identical or very similar pain referral patterns but if you don’t know what to look for you won’t find them. This often leads to inappropriate treatments including surgery or hundreds of adjustments that do not address the true cause of the problem.

ARTC is the brainchild and creation of

Dr. Maximus MacCloud

D.O., N.D., PhD, OMMF

Doc Max began studying health, nutrition, and fitness in 1969. After college, he went on to train first as a Naturopathic Physician and earned his Doctorate in Nutrition & Holistic Health, and then after almost 15 years of practice went back to school to earn his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree with a Fellowship in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

Over the course of his 50+ years of study and 40+ years of clinical practice, he has learned a lot and realizes how much more there is to learn about optimizing health and performance. His passion is helping people and ARTC is his latest version of a clinical model to do just that.

‘Doc Max’ has put together the top modalities and technologies that he has found and studied to bring you this one-of-a-kind healthcare experience. It all begins with reaching out to us to set up either an in-person or telephone interview/consultation to see if our approach might be right for you and if you are a good match for us. We are here to stimulate and support your body’s innate healing response using a combination of well-documented modalities via what we call The Wolverine Healing Protocol.

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We offer a FREE ‘Discovery Call’ to determine if we can help you and if you are a good fit for what we do. We offer a brief initial phone consultation or discovery call at no cost. If it sounds like we can help you and you are a fit for our approach, we can move to a full in-office or virtual consultation. A proper and thorough history and physical exam are vital to properly determining a program to help you and that simply takes time.

We only choose to work with patients that are willing to take responsibility for their health and healing. We cannot FIX you without your active participation. Your body does the healing, we provide guidance, stimulation, and support but you have to do your part (home care, proper nutrition, and activities).

We offer a comprehensive Wolverine Healing Protocol™ consultation, examination, and trial treatment if you qualify for just $249 $49 (valued at over $349).

If you would prefer to have a FREE discovery call first, simply check that box. In either case, we will reach out to schedule with you.