Peripheral Neuropathy Mini Lessons

Educational Email Series on the reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy.

A Lesson Introduction: Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be Reversed - Learn How

Greetings! I'm Max MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD and I've helped thousands of people to overcome their health challenges over the past 40+ years. My 'specialty' revolves around assisting the body to heal itself because that is the only real healing.

The challenge is that it takes effort and persistence. It takes providing the right support and stimulation. It takes you participating in the healing process by making the right choices and developing the right habits.
maxs dad

Over there years I've helped people with all kinds of problems from chronic pain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and immune challenges to cancer and everything in between. There was one problem that I was totally not prepared for when I first encountered it, and a solution eluded me for many years, that problem was peripheral neuropathy. My Father had diabetes and developed peripheral neuropathy, but I knew very little about it at the time. It simply wasn't something that was covered in medical school.

Ultimately, he died as a result of complications after a fall - because he couldn't feel where his feet were connecting with the ground. He tripped and had a compound fracture of his upper arm. Complications during surgery to repair it ultimately killed him. I vowed to find a solution to peripheral neuropathy one day.

Over 15 years later I came upon a program that claimed to reverse peripheral neuropathy with a very high success rate. After thoroughly examining the program and the technologies employed, I started using it on patients a couple of years ago. IT WORKS like a charm with a success rate of approximately 97%!

In the coming week or so, I will fill you in on many of the details related to peripheral neuropathy and how this program works. If you'd like to schedule a one-on-one consultation & exam to learn more about it and the degree of sensory loss you have, simply click the button below to schedule it.

Tomorrow: What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

All of HEALTH, Chronic Health Challenges, and Healing can be boiled down to the 4Ms:

The 4Ms

The Microcirculation delivers oxygen & ALL Nutrients to the cells & the Mitochondria.

The Mitochondria make almost ALL the Energy needed to run our Metabolism.

The Metabolism CONTROLS ALL Life Processes.

The Muscles are our primary Metabolic Reserve; Muscles are our primary drivers that build & preserve the Microcirculation & Mitochondria!

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