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Skin Rejuvenation: The Wolverine Protocol

Hair Restoration: Injections & Light Tx

Correcting Minor Skin Irregularities: Lam Probe & CryoProbe

Body Re-composition: TeslaSculpt

Regenerative Injection Therapy

Nutrition & Hormone Optimization Therapy

Skin Rejuvenation with The Wolverine Protocol:

Skin is our largest organ. It depends on the rest of the organs for nutrients, blood supply, immune protection, nerve flow, etc. To support the skin we must support digestion, circulation, microcirculation, detoxification, and all the things required for ongoing maintenance and repair. Many times our skin needs additional support, that’s where the Wolverine Protocol comes in. A combination of solid nutrition, proper gut function, circulation & microcirculation support, hormonal balancing, and Regenerative Injection therapy to specific areas, all focused on enhancing the regenerative capacity of the skin.

Hair Restoration with The Wolverine Protocol:

A full head of healthy hair makes anyone look and feel better. Hair thinning and loss is a very common problems as people age. The current research all point to reduced microcirculation to the scalp as being the primary cause. Our Wolverine Protocol for Hair restoration combines Regenerative Injection Therapy along with specialized nutrition, photobiomodulation therapy, special topical nutrients, and restoration of the microvascular system into a comprehensive program.

Correcting Minor Skin Irregularities with the Lam Probe & CryoProbe:

Everyone develops a variety of minor skin irregularities as they age. The vast majority are completely benign, however, they do impact one’s appearance, self-esteem, and self-image. Many or most can be quickly and relatively easily eliminated with the right tools. The Lam Probe uses non-invasive radiofrequency technology to precisely remove a wide array of minor skin irregularities in just one quick session. The CryoProbe uses COLD from Nitrogen gas to freeze and destroy a variety of skin irregularities over the course of 1-2 weeks post treatment

Body Re-Composition with the TeslaSculpt:

Most of America is overweight/overfat. Most of those same people are also ‘under muscled.’ We have a national Body Composition Crisis that very few people are aware of. Our approach to weight management revolves around helping a person to re-compose their body by losing fat and adding muscle. This involves all of the basics including eating right, restricting food intake, exercising and increasing general activity, balancing hormone levels, tweaking specific nutrients, and the TeslaSculpt can plan a significant part by providing that extra boost by spot fat mobilization and muscle building.

Regenerative Injection Therapy & The Wolverine Healing Protocol to restore, repair, and regenerate joints.

Regenerative Injection Therapies focus on fixing the root cause of most joint injuries & pain. Combined with the Wolverine Healing protocol, RIT is nothing short of amazing! The Wolverine Healing Protocol can also be applied to virtually any chronic condition, not just joints. The most common areas treated are the necks, shoulders, low back & sacroiliac region, hips, and knees. This protocol can also have a very positive impact on virtually any health challenge.

Nutrition & Hormone Optimization Therapy:

This is a large program area with multiple components. The starting point and foundation is a sound diet and eating system based on the ARTC Healthy Eating Reset. From there we add key foundation nutritional support.

Foundation Nutritional Support:

Sound nutrition is at the very heart of health. When a person is healing from any health challenge or working to attain higher levels of regeneration, health, and performance, it is extremely important to boost nutritional support to a more optimum level. That is what our Foundation Nutritional Support Program is all about. Everyone needs ALL of the key, vital nutrients for optimum repair & function; those with specific challenges may also benefit from a number of additional, specialized nutrients. We will help design a program that is right for you.

Hormone Optimization Therapy: TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

As men age their testosterone levels decline due to a variety of factors including environmental toxins such as plastics, pesticides, and EMF, as well as nutritional imbalances, reduced physical activity, loss of muscle mass, and high levels of stress. This doesn’t have to be, we can help restore more youthful T levels.

BHRT – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy:

As women age their hormone levels decline and shift due to a variety of factors including environmental toxins such as plastics, pesticides, and EMF, as well as nutritional imbalances, reduced physical activity, loss of muscle mass, and high levels of stress. As might be expected, this can lead to a variety of undesirable symptoms and degeneration. This doesn’t have to be, we can help restore those hormones to more optimum, youthful levels

Top Services


Spinal Decompression & RIT for Low Back Pain

Knee Traction & RIT for Knee Pain

RIT for Shou

RIT for Knee Pain

RIT Facials & Hair Restoration

EWOT = Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.

We use two types, the Trifecta System (which also incorporates Red Light Therapy) and Peak Performance Oxygen Training (PPOT). A series of sessions is designed to open and reset the microcirculation to youthful levels. Periodic refresher sessions are also available to prevent the microcirculation from slipping back to the constricted state associated with the development of chronic degeneration.

Spinal Decompression:

This is a wonderful tool that can be done separately or as part of our Lower Back / Sacroiliac Regeneration program. The system we have is very special, it is the only one that also provides lateral flexion in combination with decompression.

Knee Traction:

Traction has many documented benefits and has been used for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, very few doctors or therapists spend more than a minute applying traction. Our Knee-On-Track machine works extremely well and has produced excellent results.

Regenerative Injection Therapies:

This covers a wide range of techniques, solutions, and body areas. The basic concept it to inject a substance that will stimulate your body to mobilize a strong healing & regenerative response thereby restoring the corresponding tissues to full healthy structure and function. There are different levels of stimulation provided by various solutions ranging from basic Prolotherapy to Advanced RIT using things like Beyond PRP, and Stem Cell concentrates from Wharton’s Jelly in the Umbilical cord. Prolotherapy should use the time-proven Precise Placement Prolotherapy approach. PRP-Beyond PRP uses an upgraded solution packed with Growth Factors, Collagens, and Cytokine cellular messaging molecules. Stem Cell Therapy using the most appropriate source based on your specific situation and the scientific data.

RIT can be used to treat virtually any joint in the body.

The top three areas we treat are Low backs, Shoulders, and Knees. Most of the population suffers from some degree of chronic pain and degeneration in one or more of these areas. RIT, along with some of our other support services, can get to the root cause of these chronic pain issues by repairing the damaged ligament and tendon attachments. When using Stem cells, bone, cartilage, nerves, and blood vessels can also regenerate.

RIT for Facial Rejuvenation & Hair Restoration:

As described above, RIT can also have a major rejuvenating effect on both skin and hair follicles. In this case, either Beyond PRP or Stem Cell solutions are used.