Gregory Miller - Stem Cell Therapy

Taylor - Stem Cell Therapy

Taylor came to see Dr. Max to treat "Frozen Shoulder". As a mother of 4 she was unable to move her arms and was in dire need of help. She had heard stem cell therapy is expensive and could take months to heal her condition, but after just two weeks Dr. Max had her arms moving freely and feeling better again, saving her time and money, and getting her holding her children again.

John C. - Stem Cell Therapy

John was unable to extend his arms higher than his shoulders. Putting on a seatbelt was challenging. Pulling down boxes from overhead was not possible. Rather than surgery, he opted instead to visit Age Reversal Technology Center (ART-C) where Dr. Max helped him regain function of his arms that he had lost using stem cells and other therapies. He is now able to throw a ball with an arm he couldn't lift before.

Mark P. - Prolotherapy

Mark and his wife came to Age Reversal Technology Center suffering from a number of debilitating injuries. Dr. Max initiated oxygen therapy, nutritional enhancements, and prolotherapy that, among other things, has enabled Mark to regain function of his neck that he hasn't had in 15 years. Mark's pain is gone!

Rhonda H. - Prolotherapy

Rhonda Rocks! For 20 years she has had problems with chronic pain, fatigue, and recovery that has kept her from functioning like normal. At Age Reversal Technology Center, with prolotherapy, Dr. Max has helped her regain stability and mobility and she's doing great!

Denise - Spinal Decompression

Denise came in to Age Reversal Technology Center with neck and back pain and with the use of Back-on-Trac and other technologies, Dr. Max helped her be pain free.

Tom T. - Peripheral Neuropathy

After only 3 - 4 weeks with Dr. Max at Age Reversal Technology Center, Tom's swelling is going down and he is regaining feeling in his feet. His doctor said his legs look better than they have been in 2 years!

John C. - PTSD & Peripheral Neuropathy

John had been going from one therapy after another following a horrific car accident. Because of peripheral neuropathy and brain damage, he couldn't sleep and he had trouble walking. After 6 weeks with Dr. Max he can finally sleep and he is walking much better.

Gail J. - Peripheral Neuropathy

Gail's friend told her about Age Reversal Technology Center and how much Dr. Max had helped her walk. Gail has had a problem with her knee and lack of energy and after her first session her knee pain was gone and she is feeling a lot better!

Jim G. - Back Pain & Spinal Decompression

Jim is one of our Back-On-Track clients. He could hardly walk in the door when he arrived. Now he has full mobility and enjoying a healthy active lifestyle.

Ed D. - Respiratory

Ed D is a health & fitness enthusiast who wanted to try out our Triple Therapy that includes Light Tx, Whole Body Vibration, & EWOT plus our Total Brain & Body Oxygen protocol. After just one session his months-long respiratory congestion was 80% improved.

Carol B. - Pain Management

Carole B has a long history of knee pain including surgical interventions that failed to eliminate her pain. After just one session of our unique Triple Therapy plus knee traction and her pain is down by 80%.

Gerry G. - Weight Loss

Gerry G is an 80 years young gentleman who came in for our weight loss program and is experiencing some major additional benefits. He's had lung problems for over 60 years and his breathing has improved dramatically after just the first session.