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Weight Loss Programs - ARTC


Age Reversal Technology Center

Based on over 40 years of Clinical Experience, developed by The Nutrition Ninja Doc. This program combines several components that go far beyond just helping you lose weight.

Building HEALTH
Shedding Excess Body Fat
Adding Muscle & Lean Body Mass when needed & appropriate
Restoring the Microcirculation
And Optimizing Metabolism
Doctor Supervised


In addition to detailed eating systems along with expert supervision & coaching, ARTC’s program includes Key Nutritional Support products:

PPOT, is the next generation of EWOT and is the only documented method to open and RESET the *microcirculation, thereby enhancing oxygen & nutrient delivery 24/7/365.

*Microcirculation makes up 99% of the circulatory system!
To help boost fat loss, health, & energy
Our patent pending Trifecta Therapy Protocol
Peak Performance Oxygen Training (PPOT)


Fat can only be burned INSIDE the mitochondria and the mitochondria REQUIRE Oxygen (02) to Burn Fat and make ENERGY.

Want to learn more about healthy, effective weight loss and long-term management? Just fill in your information below and we’ll contact you to set up a convenient time to provide all the details.

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"There’s is just no good way to convey all the key components and benefits in bullet points, as learning the science is essential for you to understand the process."


Age Reversal Technology Center

Due to the complexity of our comprehensive programs, we offer FREE consultation to determine which programs & technologies would be the best fit for you.

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The goal is Healthy Weight Loss and a Healthy Gut.

Live It vs. Diet

The Age Reversal Technology Center is the culmination of over 40 years of research & clinical practice. The goal is to bring together some of the most innovative & effective health enhancement technologies, products, & programs all focused on helping YOU achieve your health, performance, and appearance goals.
"Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
From the poem by Dylan Thomas
We have a variety of programs that combine testing, assessment, recommendations, and coaching with various key technologies. Due to the complexity our comprehensive programs, we offer a free initial consultation to review your needs & goals to determine which program or combination of programs & technologies would be the best fit for you. From there we will explain the initial proposed plan and provide further details regarding the investment of time, effort, and money anticipated to help you overcome your health challenge(s) &/or achieve your health goals.

ARTC Universal Wellness & Longevity Programs:

These are for people who want to enhance their overall health and may not have a specific ‘health challenge or problem’ to address.
This is for someone that has been taking good care of themselves for many years and is just looking for some additional attention in the way of testing, support services, nutritional guidance & health coaching. Includes the Cell Wellbeing test, a thorough initial consultation, the Universal Nutritional Support products & program, plus customized additional recommendations. It includes 16 sessions (2/week) of our Trifecta Triple Therapy & PPOT on the ROM over 60 days for those planning to come to the center. *PPOT stands for Peak Performance Oxygen Training.
This is for someone that takes good care of themselves and wants to step things up a couple of notches to upgrade their health. It includes everything in the Basic Program with a total of & 24 sessions (3/week) of Trifecta & PPOT.
This is for the person that is ‘ALL in’ and wants to go through a more comprehensive health overhaul & upgrade over a longer time-period (120 days) to really lock it in. This allows us to retest the Cell WellBeing and other tests after 90 days and make additional program recommendations to tweak and keep things moving.

ARTC Weight Loss Programs

The ARTC Weight Loss Program is based on 40+ years of clinical experience combined with the latest scientifically-verified methods to help you burn more fat faster than other programs (AND keep it off by helping you modify your Lifestyle and Eating habits).
Being overweight, along with the many negative metabolic health factors associated with it, such as ‘Metabolic Syndrome’ and ‘Insulin Resistance,’ IS the ‘defining’ and most significant health challenge of the day. Any diet can work for a while, BUT only real lifestyle changes will be effective long term. That includes opening and resetting the microcirculation. Unfortunately, that component is missing from EVERY other weight loss program on the planet. Our 60-day program will go a long way to getting your weight & metabolism reset & under control. Of course, for many, it will require more than 60 days to reach their final goal weight and physique. That’s where our Continuation & Maintenance Plans come into play.
Another ‘defining & significant’ health challenge facing large segments of the population has to do with Gut & Digestive challenges. Contrary to popular wisdom, we are not what we eat. We are what we digest & assimilate. Most people fail to both eat properly AND to efficiently digest, assimilate, and eliminate. Of course, under these conditions one’s gut microbiome will be out of balance and therefore unable to perform its many vital functions for your metabolism. Join us for this 90-day DEEP dive into health enhancement with a focus on Restoring Proper Digestion & Gut Function.
All too often someone wants to lose weight and has a difficult time doing so. Invariably, it means that there are additional underlying issues blocking effective fat loss. Although numerous things can contribute to this, GUT imbalances are ALWAYS a major factor that needs to be addressed to succeed at losing excess body fat. This program does just that by combining our Total Gut Restoration & Weight Loss Programs together for 90 days at a significant savings over doing them separately.
People have been trying to selectively sculpt their bodies for thousands of years, long before the advent of modern cosmetic surgery. Bodybuilding is based on this as are most diet & exercise programs. The latest high-intensity electromagnetic devices make this more of a reality than ever. Our TeslaSculpt machine is an effective way to both spot-reduce fat & build muscle. To be noticeably effective, a person must be in ‘good shape’ which means close to their ideal wt. with good muscle tone. Sessions are done twice a week and combine this device with our Shred-It or Build-it Nutritional Recommendations, Trifecta PPOT, and High-Intensity PPOT. Our Butt Blaster & Awesome Abs programs are the most popular, however, virtually any area can be addressed.
This is for those who yearn for the smooth, tight skin of youth. Skin is one of the largest organs and is constantly dealing with environmental toxins and other stressors that contribute to the inability of skin cells to keep up and regenerate. There is no magic skin potion to correct this on its own, the skin must be nourished and regenerated at the cellular level. That means optimum nutrition, delivery of that nutrition to the cells, stimulation of protein & collagen synthesis, and detoxification. i.e., It takes a sustained, multipronged approach and that is exactly what we provide.
There are over 100 potential causes of peripheral neuropathy which can be quite painful and devastating yet ‘modern conventional’ health care has nothing to offer. Our program is used by over 700 doctors with a 97% success rate! This is a serious problem that requires a serious comprehensive program.
We do many things that our bodies simply not adapted to. This leads to a high percentage of people developing chronic low back pain and associated debility. There are MANY different causes and treatment approaches. We use a comprehensive approach that incorporates DECOMPRESSION along with restoration of proper blood and nerve flow PLUS additional regenerative therapies as needed.
The knee joint is another area that we put under tremendous stress & strain. We also take a comprehensive approach to alleviating & correcting knee pain that focuses on restoring function & integrity.
This program is for chronic pain & inflammation for regions other than the back or knees. Pain & inflammation begin with oxygen deprivation at the cellular level. The only effective way to reverse it long term is to restore proper oxygen & nutrition to those tissues while simultaneously working to regenerate damaged connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
This is for people that are concerned that their Immune Systems may not be up to par and would like to improve its function to ward off & minimize the potential harm posed by a variety of pathogens. This has a strong foundation that includes the Total Gut Restoration program & enhancing lean body mass.
This program focuses on the key factors that are important to destress & nourish the brain. You can’t do that without also working on the Gut, digestion, and circulation. All are included in our program.
Whatever you want to accomplish from a health perspective, sleep & recovery are key elements. This program is for those who have significant, known sleep problems. We address it, as with everything else, from a Holistic perspective.
Reducing the stressors that contributing to the problem. Supporting balanced metabolism (inc. blood sugar & proper nutrition). Enhancing digestion & elimination. Opening & Resetting the microcirculation. Coaching, support, and education about optimum health supporting habits & lifestyle.

ARTC Doctor Supervised Total Gut Restoration & Weight Loss Program

This program is focused on rebuilding a healthy digestive process and microbiome while simultaneously helping you to lose those unwanted pounds. The goal is healthy weight loss along with repair & restoration of proper gut structure & function.

It all comes down to getting the right nutrients to your cells and mitochondria while simultaneously removing the naturally produced waste products. Oxygen is the most important nutrient and we now know that virtually all chronic health challenges start with constriction of the microcirculation that in turn limits oxygen & nutrient delivery to the cells as well as the proper removal of toxins for elimination.

Happy Clients
Pounds Lost

Importance of a Healthy Microbiome

A person can take all the nutritional supplements they can swallow yet not get those nutrients to the cells if they don’t digest, absorb, transport, and assimilate them properly. A constricted microcirculation is the primary limiting factor for almost everyone. Of course, there are many secondary factors that need to be addressed as well.

Our program uses proven, state-of-the-art technologies to open & reset the microcirculation while simultaneously addressing the restoration of proper digestion and the structure and function of the gastrointestinal tract.

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ARTC Monthly Continuation or Maintenance Plans:

This helps to protect your investment of time, effort, and money by either continuing to work toward your goal(s) or maintain what you have already achieved. Anyone that has completed any of our other programs is eligible. For those in the area it also includes maintenance sessions at the facility. As an added bonus for anyone that completed a series of TelsaSculpt sessions, two maintenance sessions per month will be included with Level II or III maintenance programs (a $100+ value per session).
This includes ongoing monitoring, recommendations, and coaching via our online platform (Bodysite) plus email support and 30 minutes of direct consultation time via phone, ZOOM, or in person for $225/month. For those living locally that want to continue to use the facility & equipment: once a week, add $100/mo.; 2X / week, add $150; 3x / week, add $200/mo. ($325, $375, or $425, respectively). All nutritional support products receive a 25% discount for all Continuing & Maintenance Level I participants.
This includes the above at up to 3 in-office sessions per week PLUS our Universal Nutritional Support Products. $500/month. The Universal Nutritional Support Products have a MSRP of over $350. Any additional nutritional products & services receive a 50% discount for all Continuing & Maintenance Level II participants. Level II also includes 2 TeslaSculpt sessions per month. The Universal Nutrition Support Products include: Peak Performance Protein ($64), Complete Meal Mix (53), Immune Optimizer Liquid Multi (70), BIG Restore (70), Lipo-C (25), Zinc (16), RHMEDY (16), Lugol’s (20), MCT Oil (20)
This includes everything in level II plus guest privileges and two of each item on the Universal Nutritional Support Program making this ideal for couples or friends to share. $750/month. That’s $700 in products alone, PLUS you can bring a friend to each visit. Level III also includes 2 TeslaSculpt sessions per month. As with level II, additional nutritional products and services are at a 50% discount!

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