ARTC Skin Rejuvenation Program

This is for those who yearn for the smooth, tight skin of youth. Skin is one of the largest organs and is constantly dealing with environmental toxins and other stressors that contribute to the inability of skin cells to keep up and regenerate. There is no magic skin potion to correct this on its own, the skin must be nourished and regenerated at the cellular level. That means optimum nutrition, delivery of that nutrition to the cells, stimulation of protein & collagen synthesis, and detoxification. i.e., It takes a sustained, multipronged approach and that is exactly what we provide.

Facial Rejuvenation Program

The ARTC Facial Rejuvenation Program

with our Proprietary ‘Wolverine Healing’ System!
Stem Cells + Microcirculation & Mitochondria Support

Stem cells are all the rage, and for good reason. However, as with everything, there are right and wrong ways to use them. More accurately, how they are used & SUPPORTED leads to vastly different levels of benefits and results; they range from mediocre to good, better, and all the way to phenomenal. Very few practitioners use & support them optimally.

Our 4M Wolverine Healing System is designed to help guarantee that your investment in a stem cell procedure leads to excellent results by providing ‘after care’ to support the stem cells to take hold and prosper. This is an option* that no one else offers.

Stem Cells helped give Taylor the use of her arms back! See The Full Testimonial

Stem cells need the same things that all cells need. For maximum results the stem cells must have good blood supply, bringing a consistent supply of nutrients and removal of waste products. This is accomplished by optimum nutrition AND a healthy microcirculation. Unfortunately, microcirculation becomes damaged with age; EWOT is the only proven method to open and reset it to youthful levels. EWOT = Exercise With Oxygen Therapy! We will guide you through this process & show you how to do it.

Next, all cells require energy to survive and thrive. The underlying cause of virtually all chronic disease has to do with damaged mitochondria; mitochondria are the subcellular organelles that make ATP/energy. Many things damage the mitochondria; there are several things that can help restore them. The 4M Wolverine Healing System addresses this too.

We have several amazing programs at ARTC. One of our latest is our Facial Rejuvenation Program that includes Stem Cells + Growth Factors + Nutrients. We encourage you to avail yourself of our comprehensive 4M Wolverine Healing System to support your body’s nutritional needs while also supporting optimum microcirculation & mitochondria functioning.

ARTC Facial Rejuvenation Procedure - Silver Level: $1,999
Hyla-Jel 0.5ml with Vitti-Pure 4.5ml; Micro-needling; Intra & subdermal injections, approximately 50. Total cost for supplies & procedures = $2,250

ARTC Facial Rejuvenation Procedure - Gold Level: $2,699
Hyla-Jel 1ml with Vitti-Pure 4.5ml; Micro-needling; Intra & subdermal injections, approximately 50. Total cost for supplies & procedures = $2,950

ARTC Facial Rejuvenation Procedure - Platinum Level: $3,899
Hyla-Jel 0.5ml with Vitti-Pure 4.5ml; Micro-needling; Intra & subdermal injections, approximately 50; Follow up session with 0.5ml of Hyla-Jel & 2ml of Cryo-Elixir. Total cost for supplies & procedures = $4,550.

NOTE: Typically, Facial Stem Cell procedures can range from $5,000 to $45,000 depending on several factors. Most doctors use fat derived-stem cells to perform this procedure. That’s how it has been done for the past several years and it is much more expensive than the latest approach using umbilical cord derived stem cells. The FDA has recently set Guidelines that make using fat cells ‘unapproved’ due to the amount of manipulation required. Umbilical cord stem cells are the latest innovation in stem cell procedures, it allows for a higher quality of Stem Cells at a much lower cost. That’s why we can offer our Stem Cell facial at such a great price. We are offering the above specials to collect 10-20 great before & after case studies and thereafter anticipate a price increase.

*Optional: Add our Wolverine Healing Protocol to any of the above for $2,199 (a $3,100 value). This optimally supports your stem cell investment PLUS it provides major benefits to your OVERALL Health, it includes:

  1. A Cell Wellbeing test using a live tissue sample to analyze what factors energetically & epigenetically are stressing your body, what organs & systems are most stressed, what nutrients you should emphasize to enhance your overall health as well as the health of your skin & hair. (a $350 value)

  2. 24 EWOT sessions to open & reset your microcirculation throughout your entire body. (a $1600 value); EWOT stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, it is the most important type of exercise system ever developed. It is the ONLY thing proven to open & reset the microcirculation to youthful levels.

  3. Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy Device for home use. This helps to stimulate circulation, oxygenation, and enhances healing, regeneration, & collagen production. ($350)

  4. A full 60-Day Foundation Nutrition Support Program including over $800 of premium nutritional products. All cells, including Stems, need ALL the key nutrients ALL the time.
Hyla-Jel is a complex, full-spectrum Stem cell solution with high levels of growth factors & nutrients. It can be used for multiple things including subdermal injections like a filler to restore ‘fat’ or cushioning. Vitti-Pure can also be used as a filler to restore “fat” or cushioning. 
VITTI-PURE contains structural tissue, collagens, and growth factors. These structural tissues contain both extracellular matrix such as elastin, hyaluronan, collagens (high concentrations), collagen fibers, fibronectin and naturally occurring tissue components such as growth factors (approx. 1,000 different growth factors), cytokines, nanoparticles, and stem cells for homologous application. It can be thought of as a super-concentrated ‘PRP replacement or upgrade’ that has multiple applications. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, it is typically processed from a person’s blood. It can be quite effective, however, there are many variables that may lead to inconsistent or unsatisfactory results. Vitti-Pure was designed to be an even more powerful, reliable replacement. For example, it contains many times more collagen than PRP from a young person with good blood.
VITTI COSMETICS CRYO ELIXIR is a human placental serum formulated through a proprietary process of harvesting biological materials from the placenta for topical cosmetic application and using Nanoparticle technology to reach all THREE layers of the skin. It contains collagen, elastin, laminin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, alpha-lipoic acid, nanoparticles, nucleic acids, lipids, amino acids, peptides, cytokines, growth factors, umbilical cord fibroblast biomolecules, and extracellular matrix components. These components have been shown to be beneficial for skin appearance.

***We utilize stem cells in many of our programs ranging from IV or Systemic applications to impact the entire body; Scalp injections to stimulate hair growth; Direct Regenerative Joint Injections to help joints repair; there are also ways to deliver them to the Lungs & Colon.

*The 4M Wolverine Healing System is optional because YOU are in charge of your health.

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All of HEALTH, Chronic Health Challenges, and Healing can be boiled down to the 4Ms:

The 4Ms

The Microcirculation delivers oxygen & ALL Nutrients to the cells & the Mitochondria.

The Mitochondria make almost ALL the Energy needed to run our Metabolism.

The Metabolism CONTROLS ALL Life Processes.

The Muscles are our primary Metabolic Reserve; Muscles are our primary drivers that build & preserve the Microcirculation & Mitochondria!

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