Peripheral Neuropathy Mini Lessons

Educational Email Series on the reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Mini Lesson Wrap Up

Peripheral Neuropathy Can be Reversed!

If you take ACTION…

Hopefully we've helped to provide you with some useful information to help you better understand peripheral neuropathy and what it takes to halt its progression and reverse it. You may be wondering why you haven't heard that recovery is possible, or concerned it is expensive, or want to know what you can do right now for free to help. Keep reading because we will cover all of that.

Our program WORKS, but only if you take action.

The first step is to schedule a consultation and exam with us so we can assess the degree of sensory loss, determine how much of your nerve function can be restored, and discuss a program tailored to you.

The longer you wait, the more damage there will be, and the harder it will be to halt and reverse it.


In this final email follow up, I'll answer a few of the most common questions that we've received regarding peripheral neuropathy and our programs.

Question: Why don't other doctors know about this approach?

Answer: Doctors are just people with all of the same stresses and strains that everyone else has. Most simply provide treatments that they've been taught at conferences and by the drug and equipment reps. Our approach is NOT DRUG based and the various pieces of equipment are relatively inexpensive compared to the equipment that have sales forces promoting at conferences. So, the simple answer is that they simply don't know about the elements our program. For example, how many doctors know very much about nutrition? How about light therapy (photobiomodulation)? How many are trained in electro-magnetic frequency treatments? These things are NOT taught in medical school, at conferences, or in the journals. Conferences and medical journals are sponsored by the big drug companies, it is as simple as that.

Question: Why doesn't Medicare pay for these types of therapies?

Answer: Medicare is a safety net that will only pay for things that THEY consider to be medically necessary. They will pay for pain medications, amputations, physical therapy, etc. BUT, they will not pay for anything that is considered to be regenerative. Insurance companies follow Medicare's lead and use this as justification not to cover regenerative therapies as well.

Question: How much does your program cost? Is it affordable on a fixed income?

Answer: Our program prices vary depending on the recommendations which are based on the examination along with your goals. They are customized to suit you. We offer both in-house and at-home treatment options, as well as combination approaches. We recommend that a person purchase two home treatment devices, which are medical grade and FDA approved. They are very reasonable and allow you to treat daily, if desired, in the comfort of your home for maximum results and convenience.

We also strongly recommend a solid nutritional regimen, which is crucial to help your blood vessels and nerves regenerate. You can't build healthy tissue without the right nutrients.

The bottom line is that we have programs starting at just over twenty-five hundred dollars, along with no-interest financing for 2+ years. As with anything, there are levels of support depending on your situation and certain options can bring the total to double that or more. That means that even with our top of the line program, you can receive exceptional care to help your body to start healing and reversing peripheral neuropathy for just a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Healing begins with a change in one's mindset and attitude. Real healing and health enhancement requires time, effort, and money. You have to make the psychological shift and decide if improving your quality of life is worth the investment.

Invest in your health, invest in your quality of life. Get off the pain and nerve medications that simply don't work very well, have negative side effects, and do nothing to correct the underlying problem.

Light Therapy is supported by over 5,000 studies, it has been documented to Boost & Enhance the following:
No matter the cause of your peripheral neuropathy, the common denominator is reduced microcirculation (due to damaged capillaries) and secondary nerve damage, due to reduced oxygen and other nutrients that the nerves need to survive and function.

To halt the progression and reverse the damage, the blood supply and the nerves must be restored. Blocking the nerve signal will not fix anything. Even the devices being offered by other offices (like the Sanexas) will not fix the problem, they are basically nerve blocking devices. Although those offices claim they help to fix the problem, they do not have the research to back that up whereas we do.

Our program is being used by over 700 affiliated doctors around the country, because it works. We have improved upon the basic protocol even more and that's one of the things we'd like to show you when you come in.

We are offering a consultation, sensory nerve examination, PLUS a trial Trifecta session all for just $49 (this is a $300 value).

Our mission is to help people overcome their health challenges. My Father died due to complications of diabetes and peripheral neuropathy, and I didn't know enough about how to deal with peripheral neuropathy back then to help him. I committed to find an effective way to treat and reverse PN. It took me almost 20 years to find the right combination of modalities to be effective and now I'm compelled to get the word out. That's why we're offering such a great package.

If you decide to move forward with our program, we have no interest financing for 2 years that makes it very affordable for virtually anyone's budget.

You owe it to yourself to find out what we can do to help your circulation and nerves to heal.

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What 3 actions can you take immediately to begin healing TODAY?

Keep Moving!
Pain and numbness cause many people to become even more sedentary. That is a surefire recipe for disaster. Do what you can and gradually work to increase it. Do something every day. Walking is great, but most people need more than your feet might tolerate. Join a gym that has a variety of exercise equipment. Do a combination of cardiovascular types of exercise and strength training. Strength training is vital to maintain lean body weight and overall health.

We and all life on the planet are dependent on sunlight. Unfortunately, many people do not get sufficient sunlight each day. Even 20-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your overall health.

Obviously, it is vital to keep breathing, but what most people miss is that they are not breathing properly. Sounds crazy, but that's what the research is telling us. Do some online research, there are lots of instructional videos out there to get you started.

These three actions, as a part of your daily routine, go a long way to give your body what it needs and signal it to heal. With guidance, at the Age Reversal Technology Center, you will have targeted systems for your specific areas of need. Thank you for joining me in this series.

All of HEALTH, Chronic Health Challenges, and Healing can be boiled down to the 4Ms:

The 4Ms

The Microcirculation delivers oxygen & ALL Nutrients to the cells & the Mitochondria.

The Mitochondria make almost ALL the Energy needed to run our Metabolism.

The Metabolism CONTROLS ALL Life Processes.

The Muscles are our primary Metabolic Reserve; Muscles are our primary drivers that build & preserve the Microcirculation & Mitochondria!

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