Peripheral Neuropathy Mini Lessons

Educational Email Series on the reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Mini Lesson 5: Other Treatment Options for Peripheral Neuropathy

Other Treatments and Alternative Treatments Used

Unfortunately, you have to be very careful when choosing from the other treatment options to avoid being misled or worse.

peripheral neuropathy
Given the huge increase in the incidence of peripheral neuropathy, some enterprising doctors (mostly chiropractors) have developed various alternative treatment protocols. Some of them have multiple offices and operate more like medical neuropathy offices than chiropractic offices. A couple in our area are actually part of a chain of chiropractic offices that market as medical facilities.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with chiropractic, there are many wonderful Chiropractors that help many people. In my humble opinion, however, when they step outside of the practice of chiropractic and use other modalities to treat things they aren't adequately trained in, things can go south quickly.

We actually use part of a protocol that is also used by a large group of over 700 doctors (mostly chiropractors) that does work very well. Of course, given my 40+ years of Integrative Medical practice and multiple post-doctoral degrees in the health sciences, I've modified that protocol to make it even more effective.

The point is that the tools exist to treat peripheral neuropathy PROPERLY, so there is no reason to use equipment and procedures that simply do not work.

peripheral neuropathy treatment options
For example, Sanexas is an electrical stimulation, cell signaling device used by many of these groups. There are some studies that show it can temporarily reduce the pain, like a TENS unit, however, it is typically short-lived and does NOTHING to correct the underlying circulatory problem or to regenerate the damaged nerves. They do a great job of marketing and 'play billing games' with Medicare and other insurances to get paid. Let's face it, people love to get their medical bills paid for. The problem is that it doesn't halt the progression of the condition, but costs them valuable time that could have been spent reversing the problem. Instead, once they realize it did nothing to correct the underlying problem, the condition has gotten worse and is that much harder to reverse.

Another so-called therapy that these Neuropathy clinics are pushing is injections into the feet. They typically use a combination of vitamins and anesthetics, which may temporarily reduce the pain, but also do nothing to correct the underlying problem.

doctor with money
Please, please, please, do not fall for these scams. Even if you pay little out of pocket, you will loose valuable time and allow the damage to get worse. There comes a point of diminishing returns on even the best regeneration approaches (like ours). We can help virtually everyone, but the amount of regeneration and restoration of function declines as the amount of damage increases.

Finally, there are a number of nutritional supplements and topicals that are marketed to stop the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Some of these are well designed and can be helpful, however, none of them can halt the progression of or reverse peripheral neuropathy on their own.

Be sure to read the next email that discusses the BEST, well documented, treatment approaches to reverse peripheral neuropathy. You can explore what works best for you with an examination here at our facility and we are offering a special right now that makes it even easier to take this step to restoring health. Come tour our facility or give us a call with any questions. Now is the best time to get your life back!

Tomorrow: Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be Reversed!

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